Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oh... Canada...... :(

Less than a year ago, Canadian sex workers had a win! Canada's top court overturned all restrictions on prostitution, declaring that existing laws violated sex workers' right to safety. The Supreme Court of Canada struck down bans on brothels, street solicitation and living on the earnings of prostitution in a unanimous 9-0 decision, and gave the Canadian government one year to re-write the country's prostitution laws.

This clip from December explains a bit more  ->

It was a great thing! People were excited! But then the fight turned to making sure the Swedish/Nordic Model didnt come into play (The Swedish/Nordic Model makes sex work legal but being a customer illegal and makes it unsafe for sex workers)

Today the new legislation was brought to the public. It is even worse than the Swedish/Nordic Model.

"The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act" criminalizing the purchase of sex, communicating for the purpose of selling sex, living on the avails of prostitution, and the advertising of sexual services.

You can read a summary of some of the new things here ->

It fully sux. Its basically just a rewrite of the old legislation and therefore does not help sex workers be any safer 

Here is an audio of a Minister and a sex worker discussing the new legislation. Its painful to listen to this Minister. He sounds totally morally driven and determined to keep the "sex workers are victims" stigma going. ->

So yeah today is a shitty day for Canadian sex workers and their clients.
Just wanted to share xx

Friday, January 31, 2014

Amnesty, you are pretty awesome in my books xx

Recently Amnesty came out and said they support decriminalisation of the sex industry as a positive model for countries to take on. For sex workers this is a huge thing! Its great! Its AMAZING! It doesnt actually mean that every country will take on decrim straight away but HOPEFULLY in time maybe one day they will do it! We can only hope! 
So then on twitter some tweets came under the hashtag #QuestionsForAmnesty from sex workers and allies saying great things and then of course the anti sex industry people with their radical ways of thinking. 

There were a few tweets that i wanted to comment on, but i know full well that there is no point trying to convince an anti ANYTHING in under 144 characters and lets face it, it goes in one ear and out the other and then they get cranky and then they use your words against you blah blah. 

So here are some tweets and my thoughts/comments on them: WTF really? Do you forget that people have sex with other people every day? Just because we cash in on something you do for free doesnt make it more dangerous. You dont know what the guy at the pub has! You dont know 10000% your partner is being faithful. Sex workers in NSW where we have decrim have the same if not lower sti rates than that of the general population (Kirby Institute report 2012)

No other "job" includes repeated penetration & exposure to contagion-carrying human fluids.

WTF really? Do you forget that people have sex with other people every day? Just because we cash in on something you do for free doesnt make it more dangerous. You dont know what the guy at the pub has! You dont know 10000% your partner is being faithful. Sex workers in NSW where we have decrim, have the same if not lower sti rates than that of the general population (Kirby Institute report 2012)

The legalized province of Victoria, Australia has highest domestic violence rates & child prostitution rates.

Um where did you get this information? Id like a link please. To start with, the discussion is about decriminialisation of the industry. Victoria does not have decrim. They have a legalised industry where sex workers are forced to get a licence to work privately. It is a very restrictive industry in Victoria. As to whether there is the highest rates of DV and child prostitution, id never heard anything like that before! I remember a few years ago there was a child being pimped by their parent, im not sure, but that was found out pretty quick. I dont remember ever reading it was an increasing problem in Victoria! 

Are you now condoning the slave trade? The traders are only 'exercising their right to autonomy'.....

Does decriminalising prostitution then legitimise as a profession the trafficker/pimp/john? Are these now careers??

Are you stupid? Decrim does not all of a sudden make traficking and slave trade legal. Those things are a criminal offence and should ALWAYS feel the wrath of the law. Decrim does not decriminalise slave traders and traffickers. It makes sex work a legit occupation. Trafficking and slavery is a different thing all together and they have their own laws and none of those laws are changed if decrim was in place.

how will ensure are not forced in to prostitution by job centres? Not just a job-its rape.

As if they will put sex work in job centres! Regardless of its legal status, sex work isnt for everyone. Its an adult job that must be done by someone over the age of 18 who comes to the decision of their own free will. As if anyone at a job centre would force someone to do sex work! Thats just crazy! How would you get to the conclusion that that is what may happen. FFS, grow up! 

How many of your staff use prostituted women? 

Pfft we are called sex workers and what business is it of yours if anyone uses our services. If people from Amnesty do use our services then thats awesome because they then have a better understanding of our industry THAN YOU! 

countries with legalized prostitution experience larger reported incidence of trafficking

Sweetheart.. did you not get the memo about the topic? Its about DECRIM not legalisation!! They are different things!! 

Ah fuk this.. im just getting mad reading over this shit... 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Letter To The Editor

Is it just me or is it time to take “Sex” off the front page of the paper?
Friday 6th dec edition, on the front page we have a lovely story on letters to Santa .. And then right underneath “SEX ZONE MOVE UNDER REVIEW” in the biggest font possible.

 My 2 main issues with this are:

 1. Yes I am a sex worker and yes I wrote in a submission to Council regarding zoning. The industry and these issues obviously quite close to my heart, BUT is this front page news? The sex industry in NSW is just another LEGAL industry. Would a butcher shop wanting to move to a different zone make the front page? Nope. But the moment an issue comes up with the adult industry BAM! There it is on the front page! Do people think this is a front page story??? I don’t see it as THAT important. Does the Griffith community really need to know about what the adult industry is doing ahead of what I think are important community issues? Such as “Residents Fear Fires Deliberately Started” page 3. Heck, I think that’s front page worthy, you? Or, “Egg Prices Set to Increase - Bird flu causes shortage” page 4, gee that’s also something that effects the community a lot more than the adult industry. But no, they didn’t get front page.. Why? They are more relevant to the local community, they are more important to the community - How did Council reviewing zoning on the adult industry get priority???

Its another example of media being sleazy and using sex as a way to perpetuate the stigma and stereotyping of the adult industry.. Cause controversy and get more buyers.. Basically they are exploiting people like myself!

 2. The placement of this story is in my opinion disgusting. Santa up top, cute kid pic and then SEX! Did that make anyone else feel uncomfortable? Because I sure did. Im not ashamed of who I am and what I do, but even I know there is some things you keep away from children. The placement of this story below a great story regarding Santa and xmas was wrong on so many levels.

 I understand that the community needs to know about changes within council. I understand that some may find the adult industry intriguing, whether in a positive or negative way, but I don’t believe that it is front page news for a such a family orientated community like Griffith. Put it where it belongs on page 2, 3 or 4 and leave the front page for the REAL important community news!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why Do Some Men.......... (can apply to women also)

Why do some men…..

Why do some men still have the stinkiest feet ever, even after lathering them up with soap and scrubbing. Why is it that I only notice this when I am giving head?

Why do some men shower and wash everywhere but still have poo dags in their arse? Why are they always the ones that enjoy prolonged blowjobs? Why is it when ever I smell the poo in their arse they take forever to ejaculate? Do they get off on having girls smell their shit?

Why do some men try to stick their fingers into the hole where pee comes out? Why do they think I enjoy that area being poked hard and rubbed. Either rub my clit or put your finger in! My pee hole being prodded to death does not get me hot.

Why do some men not notice that I go very dry if they are too rough, that my clit that was one second hard and big, shrinks back into itself when they start doing something that doesn’t feel great. Cant they tell?

Why do some men insist on sticking their fingers straight up and as far into my punani as they possibly can when they can feel im very dry?

Why do some men while giving head, try to stick their whole hand into my punani? For me, it does not feel good.. Either lick it or poke it, not both at once please. Once there are fingers there my clit and stuff is stretched and it loses its feeling!

Why do some men wank while they are on the toilet having a poo?

Why do some men think that calling me a slut as they ejaculate is a turn on?

Why do some men kiss tongue first? - meaning instead of lips being the first thing you feel, it’s a tongue trying to ram down your throat, usually ending up hitting my teeth.

Why do some men think that an acceptable shower is 2 secs. Just a splash of water and TA-DA they are clean! Soap helps dude.

Why do some men scratch their sweaty balls and then smell their hands?

Why do some men continue to pound hard after I have dried up and refuse to suggest more lube? Surely they can feel it? Surely they don’t want to hurt my punani? Surely it musnt feel very nice on their cock?

Why do some men lick under arms? It feels really wrong and weird.

Why do some men love eating punani but then afterwards go to the bathroom and then cough/hack up their shit and spit like they just ate something bad?

Why do some men grind their 3 day old stubble on my punani and then get mad when I ask them to stop as its rubbing off all my skin on my clit and surrounds?

Why do some men when in doggy pull all the way out and then slam back in? One it makes air inside me and then makes my punani feel like the Grand Canyon and two, I fear they will miss and land in my poor ass! Not fun.

Why do some men give back handed compliments?
“You know, you are ACTUALLY quite attractive”
“You have a great FAT ass”
“You have lovely SMALL titties”
“You’re too nice to be doing this job”

Why do some men think that because I am enjoying myself, because I am smiling and talking a lot, that I must be on drugs? I cant just enjoy their company and my job sober?


Friday, December 21, 2012

Meeting A Client For The First Time

*The Phone Rings*

Me: Hello!
Client: Hi, is that Holly?
Me: Yes, speaking, how can i help you?
Client: I was wondering if i could make a 1 hour booking. Ive been to your site and got your rates. Do you do incalls?
Me: Unfortunately, i can only do outcalls in this area. The council here are poopoos and dont allow sex workers to work from home or motels, but i can come to your home or motel.
Client: Thats ok, i live alone.

Privileged Am I

I never considered myself a privileged person. I come from a bit of a poor upbringing, hard times etc. Im not a "high end" escort, my rates are pretty cheap compared to most of my peers. Im not wealthy. I dont own my own house. I dont have luxury items.

 But at the end of the day, i havent CHOSEN those things for myself.. but i had a choice. I choose to have low rates. I choose not to buy a house. I choose not to splurge on luxury items..... and i think thats what being a privileged sex worker means:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Slave to Society?

So this morning after waking up and washing the dye out of my hair that i had left in while i slept :p i jumped online, the usual morning coffee routine of checking all the sites i go to and catching up on stuff, i was on twitter and saw a retweeted conversation that was going on between one of my followers and an actor dude from London who was anti sex work.

 So OF COURSE when i saw the tweet, i had to throw my 20cents worth in there but OMG it is so hard to say what you REALLY want to say in 144 characters and THEN when you have typed out a bit and you need to do a 2nd a 3rd tweet to say what you gotta say and a tweet doesnt go through blah blah. its annoying so i thought id write a blog instead lol. So there are some tweets that appeared from this actor guy and a few other randoms butting in and the conversation was going nuts lol but there were a few that i wanted to make comment on...