Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Brother AU/UK are a-ok, US is meh

So i admit quite freely that I am a Big brother Lover.
No shame here, I've loved it from day one, the moment i saw the first season in Australia. I love the social experiment aspect of the show. I love seeing how people mingle, how relationships form. I'm not watching a "competition" in my head, I'm watching a real life soap opera and its tacky at times and its lame at times, but I LOVE IT!

I was introduced to the UK and US version of Big Brother by a mate and discovered it could be watched online (Every season back to the begining OMG! lol) and so I started with a season of the UK show.

The UK show reminded me of the Aussie version but there was a bit more game play.THEY HAD A SMOKING AREA! Oh my gosh that was a shock and a good one. In the aussie show, they cant smoke! They also showed a lot of swearing and juicy stuff and i felt like i was watching a really cool adult orientated realty show. This is how i wished our version could be. Less censoring, more adult content. The UK show works well and I really like their crazy house!

Then i watched the Celebrity Big Brother and holy crap it was awesome!! I didnt know all the "celebrities" but it was still fascinating to watch!

And lastly i found the US version. This was such a disappointment. In the hour show (which is not on daily) they pretty much only show boring stuff. The US house is totally focused on the game. All they talk about is alliances and strategies and winning and getting people out. They never put the fun intimate moments in the daily show. Its just all about game play.

You dont get to see all the build ups to relationships, in one season of the US all of a sudden these 2 people were a "power couple" and i didnt even see them flirt or anything! I would have loved to be a sticky beak when they had their first awkward kiss lol.

And the worst part is - the public doesnt vote the housemates out. The housemates do. Its all a bit shit. They have a "Head of House" or HOH as they say and that person nominates 2 people and then on eviction day the housemates vote on those 2 people. Throughout the week there are challenges so those 2 nominated people can save themselves. And then when they are evicted, theres no big crowd and big stage and cheering.. its really dull and shit and yeah.. major anti-climax.

And so this year the aussie version has taken a few ideas from both the UK and US version. We now have a HOH from the US and the "Power trip" theme that the UK had last season.

Why are we copying the UK and US? I liked that the aussie one was more about the people and relationships than the "game". PLease dont fuk it up and make it all about competition. There is nothing more boring than watching people plot alliances and crap.. i just wana see them make out and fight and be funny! I wanna learn about the characters beyond who they are voting for this week!

What do you think of Big Brother? Have you seen the 3 countries versions? Have a fave?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oh... Canada...... :(

Less than a year ago, Canadian sex workers had a win! Canada's top court overturned all restrictions on prostitution, declaring that existing laws violated sex workers' right to safety. The Supreme Court of Canada struck down bans on brothels, street solicitation and living on the earnings of prostitution in a unanimous 9-0 decision, and gave the Canadian government one year to re-write the country's prostitution laws.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Amnesty, you are pretty awesome in my books xx

Recently Amnesty came out and said they support decriminalisation of the sex industry as a positive model for countries to take on. For sex workers this is a huge thing! Its great! Its AMAZING! It doesnt actually mean that every country will take on decrim straight away but HOPEFULLY in time maybe one day they will do it! We can only hope! 
So then on twitter some tweets came under the hashtag #QuestionsForAmnesty from sex workers and allies saying great things and then of course the anti sex industry people with their radical ways of thinking. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Letter To The Editor

Is it just me or is it time to take “Sex” off the front page of the paper?
Friday 6th dec edition, on the front page we have a lovely story on letters to Santa .. And then right underneath “SEX ZONE MOVE UNDER REVIEW” in the biggest font possible.

 My 2 main issues with this are:

 1. Yes I am a sex worker and yes I wrote in a submission to Council regarding zoning. The industry and these issues obviously quite close to my heart, BUT is this front page news? The sex industry in NSW is just another LEGAL industry. Would a butcher shop wanting to move to a different zone make the front page? Nope. But the moment an issue comes up with the adult industry BAM!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why Do Some Men.......... (can apply to women also)

Why do some men…..

Why do some men still have the stinkiest feet ever, even after lathering them up with soap and scrubbing. Why is it that I only notice this when I am giving head?

Why do some men shower and wash everywhere but still have poo dags in their arse? Why are they always the ones that enjoy prolonged blowjobs? Why is it when ever I smell the poo in their arse they take forever to ejaculate? Do they get off on having girls smell their shit?

Why do some men try to stick their fingers into the hole where pee comes out? Why do they think I enjoy that area being poked hard and rubbed. Either rub my

Friday, December 21, 2012

Meeting A Client For The First Time

*The Phone Rings*

Me: Hello!
Client: Hi, is that Holly?
Me: Yes, speaking, how can i help you?
Client: I was wondering if i could make a 1 hour booking. Ive been to your site and got your rates. Do you do incalls?
Me: Unfortunately, i can only do outcalls in this area. The council here are poopoos and dont allow sex workers to work from home or motels, but i can come to your home or motel.
Client: Thats ok, i live alone.

Privileged Am I

I never considered myself a privileged person. I come from a bit of a poor upbringing, hard times etc. Im not a "high end" escort, my rates are pretty cheap compared to most of my peers. Im not wealthy. I dont own my own house. I dont have luxury items.

 But at the end of the day, i havent CHOSEN those things for myself.. but i had a choice. I choose to have low rates. I choose not to buy a house. I choose not to splurge on luxury items..... and i think thats what being a privileged sex worker means: